It hasn’t been seen since 1845. For 171 years it has kept its distance. No one talks about IT now. And as truth transitions to legend and then to myth, it begins to stir. This ‘It’ is the Unsworth Dragon and it has come back to the town of Bury!

Professor Jigget (world famous explorer, faerie hunter, and goblin scientist) has caught a dragon! He keeps it in the Castle Armoury in Bury which is, for now, the safest place for it (or so he thinks). However, because it has been 171 years since the last dragon was sighted in Bury the Professor doesn’t really know what to do with it. And so, on Nov 19th he will ask YOU to decide the creature’s fate. Meet him inside the Radio to find out more.

1845 is a story told throughout the town centre and the day – leading to a dramatic finale at the Castle Armoury at 6pm – where the dragon will be revealed. You must go and listen to each part of the story as you have a part to play in the dragons future… Look out for shields on the map indicating where stories are told and shield signs in the gardens.

11am – 12.30pm – Meet Professor Jigget at the Bakelite Radio in KayGardens where he will tell you the story and where to go next…

1pm – Meet Lord Unsworth under the tree at Gallipoli Gardens, careful though, he is a Dragon Slayer…

2pm – Meet Wizard Humbringer at the Parish Church Gardens, he can be found trying out an experiment or two…

3pm – Meet the Elves in our lovely Sound Garden (Church Gardens), prancing in and out of the trees…

6pm – You must be there to play your part – at the Castle Armoury, where else?! A last chance to see the dragon and steer its future…

Meet our Heroes:

Lord Unsworth


The Story of Lord Unsworth

Wizard Humbringer


The Story of Wizard Humbringer

The Elves


The Story of the Elves